We realized booths at events for different partners. With the integration of gaming and esports we create an exciting and interactive environment for the Visitors.
Red Bull Schweiz mYinsanity Polymanga League of Legends Cosplay

We conceptualize exciting Gaming and esports content which integrates our partner’s services and invites visitors to either watch or interact.
We take care of the planning, construction as well as the operation of the booth.


For example:
At Polymanga, the biggest swiss comic, cosplay and manga event, we have appeared for Red Bull with an interactive booth for several years. We do not only allow visitors to  play like a professional but also to be coached by professional coaches. The visitors could also be photographed professionally in a photobooth.


We also carried out booths with Asus, where mYinsanity’s professional gamers tested their products live as well as entertained the audience with tips and tricks.

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