Our competent and experienced presenters give you an understandable and individualised introduction into esports and gaming.


Esports is an emerging market and still foreign to many people. Thanks to our experience in this sector we can give you an unique look into this phenomenon. We regularly hold presentations for example at congresses, company-specific seminars or even in front of interested schoolclasses.

We present you the international and national esports market and also the business opportunities that arise around these. We also talk about the roles and needs of the different Stakeholders. Interesting questions that we can answer are for example:

-Which esports games are popular?

-Which opportunities are there to become active in esports

-Where can value be extracted and money earned?

-Which cases were successful?

-Who are the consumers of esports?

Of course we are also open to talk about the topics that interest you specifically and can tailor our presentation to your individual needs.

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