Gaming and esports have arrived in the mainstream. Gamers are active, socially connected and digital natives. It is our core competence to use this potential.

Gaming: a mass phenomenon


Since the 1970s, games were played on home consoles all around the globe and ever since there have been games with multiplayer functions, games were played competitively against each other: this is esports. From this point on, the market has grown immensely. Everyone plays games nowadays: Whether it is on smartphones, tablets, home consoles or on computer does not matter. The stereotype of pale gamers, whose lifes mainly take place in the basement of their parents, has been overhauled for a long time. Also thanks to esports: there are online and offline gaming tournaments all around the globe where young esports athletes fight for millions of cash prizes. Besides that, there are casters and analysts, who stream tournaments online for the audience and there are organizations like mYinsanity supporting esports athletes.
Meanwhile, every fifth German knows esports and the scene is growing in a rapid pace. The esports scene is not only of interest to gaming-related companies, i.e. software and hardware producers: In the past years also insurance companies, beverage brands or media conglomerates have become active in this up-and-coming Industry.

Our role:


We are not just great fans of the esports phenomenon ourselves, we are also heavily involved in this young business sector. We combine our marketing, business management and traditional event planning skills with our specialist knowledge about gaming. This results in tailored solutions that harness the full potential of an engagement in this industry and its potential for companies in order to provide fitting solutions.

Gamers as target group:


Almost everyone living in the age of smartphones is a gamer. This active form of entertainment is able to create communities based around many game titles and players can even find new friends through online games. The reason why it is interesting for a business to get in touch with this medium is because you can actively interact with the community in a dialogue and through events, rather than through one-way communication.
Gamers are digital natives and always up to date in terms of technology. Within their social network they often act as advisors and, for example, help for example their uncle to find the right TV or their comrades by searching the right mobile phone contract. Therefore, gamers are the optimum multiplier for your product or service.
This target group can not be reached by classic advertising on TV or print media anymore – innovative formats are needed.

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